Toyota Deeside

The customer wanted to provide a more welcoming entrance to the building once the old metal fencing had been removed. ADC disposed of the existing external doors and frame and replaced with 2 double automatic door with glazed fan lights above.

Toyota Deeside new double automatic door
Double automatic door install
automatic doors installed at Toyota Deeside

Automation of the new double doors enabled easy access and convenience for staff and visitors to the site. The old doors were 30 years old and damaged by wear and salt by being close to the Welsh coast.

Our manufacturing team colour matched the doors on request from the customer.

The old manual doors had been damaged from salt buildup

The Engine Plant is located at Deeside, North Wales and employs over 600 members on a site covering 115 acres/0.48 million sq m. Deeside currently exports engines and machine components to South Africa, Turkey and Japan and were the first overseas plant to produce Toyota’s class leading hybrid engines. In 2022 they celebrated 30 years manufacturing in Deeside and have become a major employer in the area.