Automatic Doors

Automatic Swing Doors

Swing doors, known as single-action doors, are an integral part of our daily lives, providing us with convenience and ease.

These doors can be found in various forms, catering to different requirements. Whether it’s an automatic door in a private or public building, designed to be effortlessly accessible, or a manual door equipped with a door closer, ADC’s door technology and systems ensure that swing doors open and close comfortably, safely, and tailored to your specific needs. Fully automatic swing doors are automated at all times, and for all users

automatic swing doors and Automatic Entrance Door
Automatic Entrance Door with sliding doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors provide responsive opening within the minimum threshold size making them ideal for high traffic applications where frontage depth and space are primary considerations. Their elegant style and welcoming action make them popular in glass facades as well as conventional surface mounting onto solid structures.

The safety features installed on these doors ensure easy of access to people that have difficulties with mobility or are disabled. Ideal for areas such as corridors where there is limited space for swing doors.

Automatic Folding Doors

Our commercial folding doors are the perfect solution for limited spaces as they require minimal ceiling space and boast a high level of reliability thanks to their simple design. Whether you opt for our two-panel or four-panel automatic folding doors, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting an entrance package that offers both convenience and accessibility, even in the tightest of hallways.

Ideal in areas where traditional swinging doors just won’t work. Plus, they’re easy to install and perfect for when you need a quick and efficient entrance.

automatic bi-folding doors