Loading Bay Doors

Ensuring a secure, seamless, and dependable movement of products to and from warehouses and distribution centers, these systems are frequently the focal point of a well-designed loading bay.

Roller Shutter doors for Warehouse security
roller shutters for internal security
roller loading bay door shutters

Easy Access, High Traffic Solution

Loading bay doors for warehouses and distribution centres offer solutions that can help regulate heat, air, dust, and water whilst providing excellent protection for cold storage and freezer facilities. Dock levellers bridge the between a docked vehicle and a loading dock. Our automatic loading dock levellers & manual docks work with most types and sizes of vehicles to keep your business running efficiently day to day.

Dock levellers precisely compensate for the gap between a lorry/ vehicle bed and the loading dock floor allowing goods to be transported in and out in one continues horizontal movement.

They allow for the safe, smooth and reliable transfer of goods in and out of warehouses and distribution centres and are often at the heart of any good loading bay design.

Goods Inward Doors

Loading Bay Doors are either Sectional Overhead or Roller Shutter Doors, but are used as part of the loading bay system. 

Dock Levellers

Dock Levellers are designed to create a bridge between a loading bay and a docked vehicle. They can be manual or electric and they come with either a swing lip or a telescopic lip. They are a robust product which can be easily maintained.

Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters create and seal the attachment between a loading bay and docked vehicle. They help to improve working conditions and save energy by shielding against the weather.

loading bay doors for warehouses

Their sturdy nature ensures they able to withstand the rough day to day activities of a busy loading environment whilst still allowing for fast loading/ unloading of a wide range of vehicles.

The robust nature of dock levellers means goods can be moved using cages, forklifts, pallet trucks etc. This Safe loading/ unloading of goods whilst reducing downtime and improving efficiency simplifies the process of loading/ unloading of goods.

Dock levellers allow you to solve the problem of bridging the gap between the lorry floor and loading bay dock/ warehouse floor in a safe and efficient manner whilst still allowing for optimal loading and unloading.

Loading Bay Shutters

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