Automatic Gates & Barriers

automatic gates and barriers

Automatic Gates

Investing in industrial electric security gates is not only a wise decision for your property but also for your safety. When it comes to business locations, commercial electric gates play a crucial role in safeguarding your assets. By opting for automated electric gates, you gain control over the movement of people in a busy workspace. These gates provide an additional layer of protection, ensuring the safety of your materials, stock, and personnel.

Moreover, commercial electric gates guarantee privacy and security, shielding your business from potential threats.

Automatic Barriers

Security of your parking areas is important and installing automatic barriers can give you peace of mind. Gate barriers are also easy to maintain and costs are low to keep these systems operating. Our car park barriers come equipped with heavy duty posts, gear boxes, and motors as standard, ensuring they can handle thousands of operation cycles every day.

Despite this, the arm barrier still maintains fast opening and closing times, a feature specifically designed to enhance access control and safety, while also increasing traffic flow and preventing tailgating.

Automatic Barriers & Automatic Car Park Barriers