Caldy Grange Grammar School

Works completed to replace the original single glazed windows with 75 Senior Pure aluminium windows, improving ventilation and energy efficiency of the school. A project of nearly £200K that was carried out to a tight time frame in conjunction with E3 Cube & Frank Rogers Building Contractors.

Caldy Grange Grammar-Installation
Caldy Grange School Windows
Caldy Grange Finished Window Installation

Improving Efficiency

This project, which was given 12 weeks to complete in order to take place during the half terms and working alongside the school’s timetable, involved the replacement of four floors of aluminium windows to the rear elevation of the building.

The window replacement work is a large project, requiring careful planning and coordination to ensure that the existing windows are safely removed and replaced with new, energy-efficient units. All work was sourced from local trades working together to produce a quality finish.