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ADC won the tender to complete a major installation project at the Asset Management Building at the Wallasey Tunnel. The purpose of this commission was to carry out the removal of the existing concertina doors and the installation of a new roller shutter style doors within the Kingsway Tunnel Asset Management Building.

Roller shutter replacement
Mersey travel automatic industrial roller

Our skilled team efficiently dismantled, lowered, and disposed of the outdated folding shutter, including all its mechanisms, using specialized lifting equipment. This cleared the way for the seamless installation of the new entrance. Despite the challenges posed by the steel work, our experienced fitters successfully maneuvered it into position.

The end result was a remarkable transformation, providing the warehouse with a sleek, efficient, and easily accessible new entrance.

Mersey travel automatic industrial roller

The roller shutter doors were motorised complete with all safety switching, manual overrides, fall safety devices and the entire installation and materials complied with relevant standards BS EN 12453:2017 and BS EN 12604:2017

Industrial automatic roller shutter

A steel fire exit door was also installed in the side panel for any emergency that might occur which wasn’t present before. 

The Kingsway Tunnel was completed in 1974 and consists of two 9.6 metre tubes each 2.4Km long linking Liverpool and Wallasey under the River Mersey. The Asset Management Building accommodates the workforce responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and projects team responsible for works.