Top 5 Benefits Of Automatic Doors

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Automatic doors provide buildings and their users with many benefits, in terms of style and functionality. We have listed our top 5 reasons you should consider automating your entrances and internal doors.

If you’re like most businesses, you’re always looking for ways to make your business more efficient and save money. One of the best ways to do this is by installing or automating your doors.

You tend to imagine large retail departments when you think of automatic doors, however they are now common place products in a wide range of environments and settings from NHS, education, offices, care homes, leisure and many more places. 

Here are our top 5 benefits of automatic doors.

Here are out top 5 benefits of automating your doors.

1. Safety

In all businesses and buildings, the number one consideration is always safety.

All doors are manufactured with shatterproof safety glass which makes them ideal for retail or any other buildings in a busy location that may be of risk of impact or damage. With the uses of radar sensors to detect movement they will stop closing if for example a young child is in the doorway system preventing crushing or collision when the doors are operating.

Designed for internal and external applications, automatic doors feature elements of technology to ensure safety and reliable access or exit in the event of an emergency or power failure. A feature of automatic doors is that they can to be pushed outwards manually in an emergency, or can have a fail safe where they automatically open in the event of a power failure so exits remain open.

In our industry the safety aspects of automatic doors are promoted by ADSA, The Automatic Door Association, which we are a member of. Formed in 1985 their purpose is to ensure that all members offer high quality levels of safety for users of automated door systems.

2. Hygeine

Automatic doors as you know allow people to enter and exit without the need to touch the door itself, in these times of increased hygiene since the pandemic a touchless option for entrances can help to stop the spread of germs – think how many people touch a door throughout the day!

Since the pandemic we are much more aware of touching doors, railing and other surfaces, cleanliness has been ingrained in our minds. Automatic door systems are important in high traffic areas such as hospitals, clinics, care homes or restaurants where hygiene is critical in day to day running of the premises.

3. Convenience

Automatic doors just make day to day life much easier and comfortable, the need to press handles, pull door bars pulling and pushing doors can at times be irritating. People always forget to close doors and for some if is difficult to close again after entry such as people in wheelchairs, older generation, or children for example.

Auto doors operate quietly and fast which give everyone easy access to building, offices, and other entrances. Beneficial in places with large footfall, l and in these cases automatic door and now becoming a standard.

Handicap accessible doors provide accessibility for individuals with disabilities allowing safe passage with ease, or people with mobility issues, or as simple as a pushchair or people carrying items in their hands.

4. Energy Savings

Simple as the door is only triggered when a person approaches, meaning the heat in the building is maintained and not lost through open doors. This is important in areas or times of the year when we are experiencing cold temperatures, reducing energy costs and heat loss by improving the overall efficiency of the buildings heating systems.

5. Improved Entrance

Due to large panels of glass that automatic doors tend to have your building will be filled with natural light from outside, improving the mood and health of the people working in the building.

Automated doors portray an image of sophistication, modern looks, efficiency, and accessibility. A good entrance not only improves the look of the building but can help to attract customers and visitors, creating a good first impression into your world.

Let’s not forget…

ADC can retro fit any internal or external manual door. No need to replace the whole unit with the use of technology kits fitted by our engineers. Retro fitting is very popular as it reduces costs but more importantly can easily and quickly be fitted to provide easier access to existing doors

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