Reduce Heat Loss With High Speed Doors

“High Speed Doors are an excellent product which optimize the flow of traffic and help regulate room conditions. ”

Reducing Energy costs in your business operation.

Reduce Heat Loss with High Speed Doors
Reduce Heat Loss with High Speed Doors
High speed warehouse shutters

When the door to your warehouse or unit is opening and closing constantly throughout the day installing High Speed Doors that can open and close quickly can help reduce heat loss and improve the efficiency of the door operation.  The cost of heating a building is at its highest ever due to economic changes and owners are doing all they can to improve the business operation.

Industrial buildings or warehouse units have at least one large access door for moving goods and deliveries, and usually the use of forklift trucks due to palletised goods – the problem is they also allow for massive heat loss in the working environment.

High Speed Doors are an excellent product which optimise the flow of traffic and help regulate room conditions. They are suitable inside and outside and can be used for a range of different applications. The environment is also improved dramatically by controlling vehicle traffic flow, easing the vehicle access on the most used doors, and improving safety in the workplace.

You may notice loading bay doors are often left open for long periods, possibly the entire day in all kinds of weather. Many units still use old external doors which are heavy and manually operated by a chain, or slow-moving automatic shutters, so opening and closing them is inconvenient at times which is leading to high or complete energy loss. You will reduce Heat Loss with High Speed Doors!

Preventing heat loss provides the workers with a warmer happier environment. With working in many warehouses over the years I know how cold it can be, especially in the Winter making it very uncomfortable throughout the day. If you can protect or minimize the wind, rain and cold conditions you will find an increased productivity within the warehouse team. With the ever-increasing energy costs in recent years, and especially the last 12 months businesses are now looking at ways of reducing these effects.

Society today is becoming more environmentally aware, and businesses are making the effort to reduce their carbon emissions and improve the health and safety of staff as part of their future business plan.

Other advantages of high-speed doors other than reducing heat loss is the prevention of birds or wildlife entering the building which can be a nuisance, especially if your business is a food, drink or hygiene-based company. Security is also a major improvement as your items are not on show and discourages potential intruders onto the property, this helps to keep your staff feeling safe and secure.

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