Is Your School Canteen Fire Protected?

Did you know that if a fire broke out in a school kitchen fire rated roller shutters can contain the fire for up to an hour, and even longer on some models?

Giving time for fire services to reach you before the fire spreads and causes more damage to you property, or put people at risk!

In high-risk fire areas such as school canteens installation of shutters can provide a good defence against any incidents that may occur and protect your school from further damage.

Safeguarding children from any threat of fire or smoke spreading into the main areas of the school is imperative in any safeguarding guidelines.

School Canteen Roller Shutter

Protecting children and staff

One other protection device for the canteen is roller shutter brakes. If for some reason the shutters fail when open and fall closed with staff/children in the vicinity, they need protecting against injury.

It’s a device fixed to the shutter that slows down or stops the motion of the shutters by applying pressure against one side of the door. This brake arrests the descent of the shutter if there is a failure in the motor. If the motor’s operational brake fails to hold the shutter stationary when it is in its upper position, or the shutter descends at an uncontrolled speed, the safety brake will activate and bring the shutter to a complete halt.

Get in touch with our ADC service team to book a service for your roller shutters, doors, and barriers, especially with the winter months not too far away when faults are more common.

Fire rated canteen roller shutters
Reduce the risk of fire spreading with canteen roller shutters

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