Improving The NHS And Health Care Entrances

“An automatic door will help remove this cross contamination as you can put all your trust into our sensors. No need to wipe down those handles on a daily basis”

automatic sliding doors

Since the pandemic hospitals, care homes and other medical institutions have become more conscious and active in reducing transmission of germs through contaminated surfaces. So, it is important to improving the NHS and health care entrances to eliminate, or at least reduce the risk by thinking about the entrances to these building both internally and external.

Where possible consideration needs to be taken in installing automatic doors. By doing this you are immediately stopping contact with surfaces and handles in manually opening them. Automatic doors can be altered to open at differing approach distances to enable zero contact.

ADC can also retrofit existing doors to automatic easily and cost effectively reducing the need for major works. Speak to one of our team who can explain the process.

Automatic doors also help to keep buildings warm as they open when activated reducing heat loss from doors being left ajar or not closed properly. In a time where costs must be reduced in all areas installing automated doors will significantly improve your energy consumption.

Keeping buildings warm and at steady temperature is proven to reduce infection and germs spreading, less drafts or outside elements effecting the environment.

With people having varying requirements door automation aids wheelchair users, elderly, people with disabilities, transport of hospital beds and general movement between rooms and buildings easily and without interaction. We also have many alternative solutions, which can help stop prevent the spread of germs and touching surfaces.

  • Touchless switch.
  • Flow control.
  • Access control.
  • One way activation systems.

If you would like to arrange visit to you premises, or need advice please contact our team here, or call 0800 0838630. Our visits are FREE to evaluate your requirements.

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