How Automatic Entrances Boost Your Business

Automatic doors servicing and maintenance from ADC

Is your business’ entrance currently fitted with manually operated doors?  If so, have you considered replacing them with automatic doors?  Automatic doors provide a wide range of benefits for your business premises.  With automatic entrances, you’ll increase sales, boost profits, and make a valuable investment in your building.

Automatic entrances to attract customers

Stylish new automatic doors will increase your daily footfall, with more people entering your business premises.  Potential customers are more likely to make a purchase from a shop when the building looks smart and professional.

Automatic entrances will transform your shop front into a chic and contemporary advertisement for your business.  When people see automatic doors, they immediately make assumptions about the quality of the premises.  Automatic doors evoke images of high-tech, innovative, and streamlined products with a focus on style and quality.  State-of-the-art designs combined with futuristic technology encourage people into a shop with a positive frame of mind, meaning they are more likely to make a purchase.

Safety and convenience for all your customers

Automatic doors provide a convenient entrance for all your customers.  Customers holding bags or pushing prams won’t have to worry about having a free hand to open the door.  Automatic entrances are also welcoming.  As you approach the shop, the door conveniently opens to welcome you inside.

Automatic doors provide easy access for wheelchair users when combined with a low threshold, and are also great for receiving deliveries (especially if you trade in larger goods such as furniture).  They provide an easy way to enter and leave your premises, avoiding customer congestion and queuing.

Reduce costs and save money

When you have manually controlled doors, you’ve probably noticed that customers often leave them open.  This allows cold air in and lets heat escape, increasing your overheads and allowing litter and debris to enter your premises.  With sensor operated automatic doors, your doors stay closed during quieter periods saving you money and effort.

At the Automatic Door Company, we’ve installed automatic doors on a wide range of commercial buildings.  From large-scale wide-opening supermarket entrances to individual small businesses, our automatic doors are always high quality.  If you’d like to find out more about the Automatic Door Company contact us today.  Call us on 0800 0461 105 or send us a message online.

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