Is Commercial Glazing Different From Residential?

What is the difference?

Commercial glazing is any glazing system which is installed in a commercial building. It is usually larger in scale than residential glazing and therefore subject to different regulations and performance standards.

One exception is multi-storey apartments, which, although residential in terms of occupancy, they are often commercial in terms of size and structure.

Commercial glazing is often part of a curtain walling system which envelops the building’s internal structure. Commercial glazing is a specialised product and should always be installed by an industry expert. Call us for more information on our products.

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Commercial glazing is often custom designed to fit a specific building envelope. On-site glazing is common, and specialist equipment is required due to the size and complexity of the installation. Commercial buildings are subject to stringent health and safety regulations. A company has responsibility for all occupants of the building, thus it must be deemed safe for use before building completion. To comply with current regulations, commercial glazing must:

Regulate solar energy transmission

An office building, school, or hospital generate lots of internal heat. People, lighting, computers, and other equipment create far more heat than a residential building. Large-scale buildings often have an internal cooling system or air conditioning to help regulate internal temperature. Solar control glazing also helps to limit natural heating from the sun which inversely is a positive attribute for one family residential houses where natural solar heat is often deliberately absorbed.

Provide high performance weather resistance

higher buildings are subject to stronger weather patterns. Commercial glazing in high-rise buildings must be able to withstand building sway, strong winds, fluctuations in temperature, and water penetration. To achieve the necessary protection, they undergo rigorous testing. They also feature strong aluminium frames which are lightweight, flexible, durable, and structurally stronger than uPVC or timber which are more common in residential installations.

Commercial and residential glazing are used for completely different applications. A large-scale commercial project will usually encounter different problems to a residential installation. At ADC, we are experts in commercial glazing. We have worked on a wide variety of commercial installation projects for a broad client base. If you’re involved in a commercial building project, ADC can provide high quality glazing solutions. For more information on any of our products and services call 0800 0838630 or email us a message.

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