Choosing The Right Automatic Door

Choosing the right automatic door for your premises can be an important factor when considering the way people enter your building. From cost effective sliding doors to space saving folding doors, each automatic door comes with its own features and benefits. Taking the time to decide which one is right for your business can ensure that they fit perfectly with the space you have available.

Sliding Automatic Doors

Sliding automatic doors are by far the most popular and economic automatic door system. This cost effective door solution has very low running costs and is most popular in areas with high levels of traffic, such as supermarkets and hospitals, as they provide a wide, clear opening.

Sliding glass doors can also be applied to smaller spaces both as an internal and external opening. They have the fewest amount of moving parts due to their simplistic design, so they are also regarded as one of the safest types of automatic doors. Sliding doors are very versatile with single and double door openings, as well as telescopic and bi-part sliding doors able to be automated in order to fit most locations.

Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors are ideal for high, medium or low traffic areas and particularly useful when sliding doors are not an option. The main benefit of swing doors is that the automatic operator can be retro-fitted to most doors, both internally and externally.

Swing doors come in a large variety including single and double doors, and can be fully automatic or set to low, where the automation only starts once the door is pushed. Swing doors are an ideal solution to ensure your business conforms to DDA Standards, as automation can be fitted to your existing door at a fraction of the price of replacing the whole door.

Automatic Folding Doors

Folding doors are ideal in areas where space is limited. They provide clearance width whilst still offering all the advantages of an automatic door. With the option to be fitted both in front of an opening as well as between two side walls, folding doors are ideal for narrow passageways in restaurants, hotels, business headquarters, hospitals and homes for the elderly. Unlike a swing door they do not require space behind the door to swing into therefore they also act as a space saving solution.

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