5 Ways Fire Safety Shutters Could Save Your Life

Fire safety shutters are specifically designed to prevent the spread of a fire and smoke which will protect your premises, assets, products and most importantly save lives.

Fire can have a devastating effect on your business and has the power to completely engulf a building within minutes if there is no prevention. Fire doors though have the advantage that they can create a tight seal to enclose a fire to a specific area preventing it from spreading further, giving time for emergency services to contain it.

Building owners have a responsibility to comply with fire safety regulations and the safety of its occupants.

Fire safety roller shutters

The extra time fire safety shutters give you could make all the difference!

Here are out top 5 reasons for why they are a must for businesses.

1. Time

Fire safety shutters are designed to contain a fire for a specific time (depending on the integrity rating) which could make the difference between life and death. As the shutters trap & starve the fire of extra oxygen it can effectively contain it until the fire services arrive to tackle the incident. Reducing the damage that could have happened if they were not installed, less damage means less repair and replacement costs for your business.

2. Legal Compliance

Government legislation understands the importance of fire safety shutters in containing the risk of the outbreak of fire, this is extremely important if you are a business with specific fire risks. You can read more on the ‘Fire Safety in the Workplace’ on the government website. They can be installed anywhere in a building, but the most common areas are canteens, kitchens and server rooms due to their fire containing capability.

3. Security

They can double as not only fire shutters but also a security deterrent. A reliable way of stopping break-ins and damage to storefronts, door openings and rooms inside a building. Shutters are extremely robust and make access very difficult for the intruder. Combining fire and protection in one product saves you money and less hardware needed to the job.

4. Insurance Premiums

Companies will look favourably on many occasions to businesses that have a plan in place that considers the prevention and the spread of fire in the premises. Insurance companies look at many factors when pricing your premiums and it may lower your costs if they are well maintained, serviced and complying with regulations.

5. Business Aesthetics and Value

These days fire safety shutters can be finished and designed in many ways to look aesthetically pleasing than they did on older models. They can blend more into the building surroundings so they don’t make the interior or exterior view of the building look unattractive. Different finishes and colours can be used to compliment the building, as well as making it look secure.

Call our team on 0800 0838630 or email us here to service your fire shutters, especially with the winter months not too far away when faults are more common. Our recent blog with give you some tips to look out for.

You can read more about our fire doors here: https://www.adcentrances.com/roller-shutters/

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